Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Methods: Procreate 2D drawing & excel list
Related work: the midnight gospel (2020)
In week four, the sound. It is my favorite part, I have
listed the sound I may used in the animation based
on the storyboard and divided into four types:
background music, dialogues, nature sound, special
The animation test practice this week is also based
on that, I draw two situation in the story, one is two
man siting next to the campfire and another is the
wanna fly man.
Those two animatic both used nature sound such as
fire and wind. And I also recording my voice and to
do a post processing to make it more sounds like
noisy and cute minions. Excepted those two
animation, another one is an animation test with
dialogues from a fair tale. I try to combine rhythm
and sound to do a effective practice.
The first practice, to consider about the sound
design, I basically gets idea from the animation The
Midnight Gospel which always starts animation
from a chat between different people. There are
huge number of dialogues in this animation, and it
seems like meaningless or just a chat to describe
character’s worldview and values but it closely
related to the direction of the story as well.
Another practice for sound is focus on post-process
sound for the character (the sound should like
double speed vocals, or like a noisy child.) Those
kind of sound can usually seem in non-human
protagonist such as minions and animal crossing.
The last one pay more attention on the
environment sound.
Video show from 4:53-5:36

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Published On: 07/11/2022