Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Events And Structures

MAGI Special Guest Speaker Lectures

On Tuesday's at 12.45pm there will be a lecture that is pitched to students across the whole MAGI degree. This is a place where you can catch up on new developments in the field, listen for changes in the degree, weekly events, new internship opportunities, new grants, scholarships and travel opportunities.  The lecture series is curated to give you access to interesting presenters and ideas across the range of work in Games, Animation and Interactive Media.

The lectures are located Building 100 (Design Hub), Level 3, Room 1 - Lecture Theatre.

Please find the details of the guest speaker program here:

MAGI Workshops

There will be workshops presented on a different aspect of the production of Animation, Games or Interactive Media. These workshops are hands-on and intended to examine or extend a particular skill set. 

We welcome students to propose, and present workshops. Presenting a workshop gives you great your community of practice mark, and looks great on your CV.


Class Time

You will be attending classes, which are available in your timetable.  Your classes are where you work or independently or with staff, invited guests and clients.  In class you will do the majority of your consulting and collaboration.  Your classes are defined by your enrolment.  Most of the face-to-face teaching in your classrooms begins in the morning, and you will be working independently in the afternoon. 



Each Semester, you will be given a chance to present one or more of these objects to your peers and examiners, a varying levels of completion.  The presentations will be by invitation, and is a community event. 

You will have 5-10 mins in which to describe, present, contextualize and reflect on your work, and to address future directions. 


MAGI Expo 2020: The Thing with 73 Brains      

Join us for this years MAGI EXPO: The Thing with 73 Brains!

Enjoy a curated showcase of your work and the work of your colleagues to be launched on Friday 13th November, 2020.

Contibutions are invitied from the entire MAGI cohort of 2020. To submit your work, get in touch with John Power [], Emmett Redding, Qi Zhuang or Ben Mansur.

There is also an assistant producer in your semester level, so you can talk to them as well.

Keep an eye out for updates at:

If you are in China, please contact Qi Zhuang on

Qi Zhuang will connect you to the WeChat channel for Expo 2020

Students are expected to help the staff in the design, curation, organization and presentation of the show, counted toward your community mark. 


Travel Opportunities

Each year, we will attempt to provide you with the option and opportunity to travel to participate in a professional setting, or to engage with a specific practice.  This might form part of your community mark, or you might be engaging with the creation of your own work.



MAGI has a website that we use to advertise and to archive the course.  From time to time your work will be featured publicly.  You will be encouraged to use and to contribute to the website throughout the course.  The website is structured to help you archive your work, and will be used as a major tool in the development of your personal research repository.


Personal Documentation

Each MAGI student is expected to create, maintain, track and protect their development work in the course via a digital repository, made accessible through a URL. Although we do not dictate the technology, or services you use we strongly suggest that the journal has both online and offline versions, to protect you from data loss.   

Celebrations & Alumni Gatherings

Periodically, you will be invited to attend, and sometimes curate events.  It is here where we celebrate one another’s work, we encounter plans and we reconnect with the community.  These events can be as big as curated, public exhibitions, or as small as reading or writing or makers groups.

We see your time at MAGI as a precious commodity.  This is a rare time where you are able to throw yourselves into making something significant.  We want you to be able to drive it, and all the staff are here to help you being relevant, well-practiced, and masterful.