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Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity



To create a sense of synergy between narrative sound, timing and visuals.


The idea behind this shot is that of an important narrative moment. Our main character reveals her formidably and both the body language, camera movement, animation and SOUND (both sfx and music) must reinforce this. It is also important for the sound effects to conform to the thematic of the film, with a heavy emphasis of layering "anime" esque sounds and an appropriate soundtrack.


In order to achieve this emotional moment of reverence and style, many smaller techniques most work together to create this effect. The music quickly fades in just before we transition our movement shot and I use the percussion to empathise the ascending emotional impact of the moment. Similarly - the air whoosh of the characters arm raise fades into a much louder cocktails of machine and wire noises to translate the "feel" of machinery forming around the arm. The fist clench (which was added to the animation to provide a sense of finality to the movement - in the same way follow thorugh would be used on a punch) the added sound effects at the end of the loop (both the fist clench and the final fight pose) are added to add a sense of completion, i.e the charcter is ready to fight.


I feel the scene is quite effective in providing an emotional response form the audience. Often the sense of anticipation and scale before a fight scene is just as important as the quality of the animated fight scene itself, as we need to feel that these characters are both capable and formidable.


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By James Elms
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Published On: 27/08/2021






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