Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


The first thing that comes to mind about nature is animals.How to bring new changes to the animal role?

In response to this week's theme "Play and Nature", I wanted to do some work to change the shape and state of animals.

I found some related work:

  1. 5 tangramanimals:

      This video using some basic shape Mosaic animals tangram, shows the shape of contour changes bring us the impression of animals.

       2. Warli art for beginners/17 bird—Animal shpes:

       Vaishali Creates  some animal characters with one or two basic shape bodies.


I took some photos of cats and redrew them in procreate.

Changing the shape and state of natural life is an effective way to break the rules.The square cat and the round cat brought some new ideas and seemed like a good way to create characters.Why can't a cat be square?


I think it's a process of deconstructing and reconstructing the normal animal role.

These animals are normally familiar to us, but in this way the characters are broken down into basic shapes that are then pieced together, or simply made up of colliding foundations.In the end I got some different cats.


Using imagination to break the rules of natural life is an interesting attempt. It gave me a new way to create characters.

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By chythia shen
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Published On: 12/05/2021