Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


This week’s theme is play and nature. The first thing I thought of on this subject was plants, animals and weather. Many designs that incorporate these elements have been shown in class. According to my research, many artists have used nature to make art, such as using stones, leaves and flowers, to present different things through creativity. What I want to research is to integrate various elements in nature into one work and show it in animation. Through Ursula Heise's article "Plasmatic Nature: Environmentalism and Animated Film", I learned that many artists have already made themed animations about the natural environment, which is a development that is beneficial to society. I will do exercises on the subject of natural integration and coexistence.


I will use Procreate to draw natural scenes in the form of illustrations, and then use AE to make a small animation of the shot. The final look is to let the audience see the change of the environment through the movement of the lens.


Before making the illustration, I thought of a scene including the sky, ground and sea floor. These are the three elements that best represent the theme of nature. I divergent thinking based on this setting. First of all, I used its own colors for the objects in the picture. The main three colors in the picture are purple, blue and yellow. These three colors all appeared in the sky, land and sea. I try to make a sense of environmental coexistence, so that they better integrate together. When drawing the purple trees and corals in the picture, I used similar shapes, but because the objects are in different environments, people will think that they are different objects. This is also the magic of nature. Regarding this animated video, I demonstrated the integration of the environment by using the camera from top to bottom. From the sky to the bottom of the sea, there is an entire natural world in front of the audience.


Through this exercise, I think my creative thinking has grown. In the last few exercises, I gradually feel that I understand how to make unique designs. I try to put aside my inherent thinking and find inspiration for creation through reference.  This helped me immensely. Although the process was difficult, I did get effective exercise.  In this creation, I tried illustration creation that I was not good at, and made a breakthrough in style. In terms of the meaning of nature, I spent a long time thinking about myself, and used this exercise to explore the relationship of nature. Generally speaking, this is a creation that I am very satisfied with, and I will try new ways to present my work in future practice.


Reference “Found Object Art: Nature Art” “Plasmatic Nature: Environmentalism and Animated Film(2017)”  Ursula Heise


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By Momo Wang
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Published On: 12/05/2021