Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

This week I am trying to emerge ideas with the use of light in my story.

1. Setting: (sense showing how the factory works) humans are laying eggs inside the factory. Eggs are then being transferred to different places on a conveyor belt.

things will be shown as silhouettes. Lights showed at the top and bottom to show the exit and entry. Most of the things will be in black and white. Also, it is possible that light appears at the back and can pass through the eggs such that the audience can see what is happening inside the eggs. Babies are dancing, singing, sleeping, bathing inside the eggs, etc. limited light used here can represent a sense of coldness and emotionlessness in the metallic structure of the industry.

2. Scene: Kids sneaking into the factory to save the eggs.

Everything is blacked out

The only light is coming from the torch of the security. Security is backlit to present his power. It is also a metaphor to present he is more powerful than the kids with more authority as he can control the only light source of the environment in his hand.

3. Ending scene: The Sunrise and light pass through the dark community and casts the shadow away. Light is shining on the egg that those kids have saved.

In terms of the color I have chosen, a sense of hope and warmth is hoping to be involved in the settings. Below is the drawing for the design where edges are softened and embedded in warm and golden light. Similar work has been done by Walt Disney, the movie “Frozen” (2013) where the sunrise is included in the scene to represent a new journey has begun for the character.

Walt Disney. 2013. Frozen (animation)

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By Chow Vian Wing Yan
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Published On: 12/05/2021