Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Week 9 Finished Object

- In response to the theme ‘Character, Environment and Events’, I created a small game in Unity. It's a visual novel game where the objective is to water the plants to create paths along the way. 

- The plants grow into a tree and the tree helps you by creating a new path to follow. And at the same time, it lightens up the scene as you keep watering new plants. As shown in this video here (Dar, 2022).

- Can’t think of any related work but this did remind me of a real-life example of raising awareness of constantly planting trees as that will help the environment. So you could say this is similar to raising awareness on that.

Week 9 References

- Dar, K., 2022. CPS Week 9_Char, Environment and Events. [video] Available at: < > [Accessed 3 June 2022].

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By Khatim Javed Dar
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Published On: 15/05/2022






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