Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Week 8 Finished Play


- In response to the theme “Play and Body”. I reenacted a simple childhood game called ‘Simon says’ in real life and a video game.


- As I took a virtual approach. This experiment was done as stated here (Chao, C., Lee, J., Begum, M. and Thomaz, A.L., 2011), and they took a practical approach. They trained an AI robot Simon (yes, that’s his name) through different human data gestures.


- I recorded myself and screen-recorded footage of a game called Garry’s Mod and voice-over as a host that said set of rules for ‘Simon says. I tried acting them in real life and in the game. For the section that I had to act out in person, I did a mix of editing in Davinci.


- Here is the response for this week’s theme: APD Week 8 - Play and Body


- Overall, happy with the hilarious outcome. I wanted to add more rules such as “Simon says, make this alphabet (A, B, C, etc) but couldn’t figure out how to make it happen in the game.


- Chao, C., Lee, J., Begum, M. and Thomaz, A.L., 2011, July. Simon plays Simon says: The timing of turn-taking in an imitation game. In 2011 RO-MAN (pp. 235-240). IEEE.

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By Khatim Javed Dar
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Published On: 18/09/2022




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